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Real Estate Realtor Affiliate Program

How does our Affiliate Program work?

The majority of the online Real Estate affiliate programs require you to add a banner on your site and when you send traffic to the affiliate program site and a sale is made, you get a very small percentage. This is not the way out affiliate program works. Please read on for an overview of our Real Estate Affiliate Program.

The Best Real Estate Affiliate Program

We provide the best possible real estate affiliate program because we do not ask you to generate traffic for us, we do not ask you to sell our properties, we do not ask you to add a banner to your web site. Instead when you sign up for our Affiliate program and are approved to join you become one of our highly valued Real Estate Affiliate Program Realtors for your area. We provide you with an easy way to upload your most exclusive properties and provide you with the traffic and leads that you require to sell your high end real estate.

Realtors, Join our Affiliate Program

What do you need to join? Almost nothing. You need to be a licensed Realtor in your area and meet some other criteria that minimize duplication in our business. You don't need a web site or be all that web savvy. If you are not comfortable putting up your properties yourself, one of our well trained staff would be happy to do it for you as part of our maintenance package. There is no cost to simply join, though we have packages that aid you in your presence on our web site which are very affordable considering the high number of excellent quality leads that you will achieve from being part of our team of Affiliate Real Estate Agents.

Sign up now to try it out today, with no risk or obligation. We recognize the importance of protecting your personal information when you visit our Web site. The personal information (i.e., name and address) we require when you register is used only to service your request and provide you with information regarding our services relating to your request. We will not send you e-mail without first receiving your permission, unless it relates to your account. Under no circumstances will we provide your personal contact information to anyone else outside of our group of companies. Your information is safe with us.

Fill out this simple form and we will return your enquiry as soon as humanly possible.

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